Grants for Women

A minority is simply defined as an underserved segment of the American population, and that’s why there are grants for women. Women have played a significant contributory part in the growth of our nation in every facet from economics to homemaking and even in the armed forces.

Grants for Women

Women fall inside the aforementioned category of a minority, so when you speak of grants for women, that’s where you need to look. Women grants can take several forms and include anything from tax credits to outright help with the electric bill or groceries. Grants for women are awarded from family foundations, national foundations and the U.S. government. Women grants also account for the majority of awards given yearly to deserving and qualifying individuals. Corporate grants for women are widely available from companies and organizations that have a history of making grants available for women to use for education, career advancement and sometimes business expansion.

Federal Grants for Women

The federal government opens hundreds upon hundreds of opportunities annually in the form of federal grants for women. Recognizing the important roles in history played by women, the federal government makes many awards inside the arenas of international affairs, medical and technical research, academic and scholarly affairs and more. Federal grants for women are available at almost all research levels ranging from the medical arena to Homeland Security.

Because women have played an all but unrecognized role on the defense of our country, the federal government awards women grants from its various arms such as the Department of the Army, the Department of Homeland Security and more. Federal grants for women are also available in academic areas such as history, molecular research and finance. While many of these grants require an advanced degree to win, the U.S. government recognizes the important roles played throughout history by women in this country.

Grants for Women over 50

With age comes a lifetime of invaluable experience, and public and private foundations which support endeavors and achievements with grants for women over 50 is increasing yearly. Women over 50 are going back to school are being awarded educational grants to obtain four-year and advanced degrees to qualify for higher incomes and new job opportunities and compete in a global economy sometimes in fields formerly reserved for men. Educational grants for women over 50 are available from private and government sources for four-year degree and advanced degree studies. Many pay full tuition for a certain number of credit hours and some even provide what is known as a “living stipend” to help with the day to day expenses going back to school brings.

More women are delaying having children until later in life. Raising a family is hard at any age, but grants for women over 50 are helping supplement life expenses in the areas of affordable health insurance, child care and more. If you’re over age 50 and seek funding to help better your life in some way, chances are there is money in some form available to you if you take the time to look.