Government Grants for Women

It’s a fact: Generally speaking women are more driven in most areas of life than are men and because of that there are many government grants for women. Another fact is by the very nature of their sex, women tend to take on more personal responsibility.

Women Government Grants

Women government grants are offered by the federal government in many areas and just a few include:

  • Grants for women for college and higher education;
  • Help with funding for a new or existing business;
  • Financial assistance for low income households;
  • Financial assistance for healthcare and housing;
  • Emergency personal and family needs financial help.

While they don’t offer women government grants as such, the SBA affords many financial opportunities paid for in part by women government grants. Are you the CEO of a woman owned business? Do you have an existing enterprise which is seeking to expand? If so, check out the federal government Small Business Administration’s web site and look over all available opportunities paid for by women government grants.

Federal Grants for Women

Federal grants for women run the gamut of needs. While not all services afforded are direct grants for women, they are all financially supported by government grants for women. Career development assistance is available in everything from Contraception and Infertility Research Loan Repayment Program to employment and training assistance. Are you seeking financial adoption assistance? If so, the government provides financial help and services for children with special needs and their adoptive parents financed by federal grants for women.

The federal The Child Care and Development Fund lends a hand  in providing assistance to low-income families who need child care due to work, work-related training and those currently attending college. Whether you’re seeking help with paying an electric bill due to cold weather or need affordable health insurance for you and your children, federal grants for women fund a wide variety of federal resources which are easily accessible to you.

Direct Grants for Women

Are you a woman who just happens to hold graduate degree? If that’s the case then a plethora of direct grants for women opportunities just opened up for you. If you’re a woman scientist, then direct research grants from the National Institutes of Health might be right up your alley. Are you a woman who chose to become an engineer opposed to take a more traditional occupational route? If so, why not look over direct grants for women offered by the National Science Foundation. Many women have chosen the occupational path of Biology. If that’s the case, then check out the funding opportunities offered to women by federal Marine Mammal Commission.

Government grants for women are also offered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, for women in the farm and agricultural industry sponsored by the U.S. department of Agriculture and others!