Women Education Grants

It’s no secret that women posses drive, ambition and the desire to succeed and many do just that with the help of women education grants. More than ever, women hold responsible, accountable positions as leaders in society and that’s thanks in part to the financial help provided by education grants for women.

Women Education Grants

No matter the field of interest, affordable secondary education permits women to earn more over a life time, achieve self actualization and provide a better life for their families. For many seeking college grants for women, the federally subsidized Pell Grant is a first alternative. To qualify for the Pell Grant award, those seeking education grants for women must meet the basic requirements:

  • Women must be a U.S. citizen, or eligible non-citizen;
  • Must be able to have a social security number that is valid;
  • Must be able to show that you will be able to benefit from your postsecondary education. A high school diploma, General Education Developmental certificate or other form of credential will satisfy this requirement;
  • Must be enrolled at one of the 5,400 participating postsecondary institutions from across the nation in a degree-oriented program;
  • May not be eligible for federal student aid if convicted of selling illegal drugs while currently receiving federal aid.

Education Grants for Women

Many women find they are not eligible for the federal Pell grant award. What then? Don’t fret because there are many alternatives available in education grants for women entering specialty occupations, especially inside the medical arena. Just some of the programs available for women seeking education grants are:

  • Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students

This federally funded program is available to financially disadvantaged nursing students as well as other students enrolled full-time in a health sciences program and is an excellent fit for those seeking education grants for women. Eligible programs cover a wide range of specialties, including veterinary school, dental hygiene programs, social work majors and occupational therapy.

  • Nursing Scholarship Program

This program annually awards over 200 scholarships and women education grants to qualifying nurses. Award recipients must agree to work for a minimum two years post graduation at a high need health care institution such as a public acute care facility. Scholarships cover tuition and associated expenses plus offer a monthly stipend of about $1,000.

Foundation College Grants for Women

Is the medical arena not your cup of tea? There are even more alternatives in college grants for women! Many private and corporate foundations offer college grants for women. There are scholarships for moms, living assistance for those who need it and college grants for women opportunities from foundations such as Foundation IX! Whether you live in California or Idaho, where you can check out the Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation’s Pooled Grant Program – there are several opportunities for you to succeed using women education grants.