Training For Grants

Very few things come naturally to people and when new learning modalities are paramount to success, many people turn to training grants. Grants for training workers in new skills and government training grants in health care, technology and the sciences are becoming more popular as our workforce modernizes and essential skills become critical.

Training Grants

In the coming decades, occupations requiring at least an Associate’s degree are projected to grow twice as fast as those requiring no college experience. To fill this anticipated void, America needs workers with the education and skills to succeed in growing, high wage occupations and community colleges serve as significant and rapidly growing contributors to the nation’s higher education system. This is where training for grants come into play. Community colleges work hand in hand with businesses, labor organizations and the government in their communities to create tailored education and training programs to meet employers needs while providing new students the valuable skills required to get and keep good jobs, earn family-sustaining wages, and advance along a career pathway.

Government Training Grants

Government training grants are available to almost anyone in just about every occupational field, and the “green” industry is no exception. Many times when the U.S. Government institutes new federal mandates on an industry, it will offer government training grants to help employers come into federal compliance and meet or exceed those mandates. These fields are adding new tasks or specialty areas because of the demand for green goods and services.  Some examples include:

  • Construction Managers, who may need to learn more about green construction and retrofitting. Green      construction is being fueled by new government initiates and an importance has been placed on energy savings and down-sizing.
  • Public Relations Specialists, who may need to develop expertise in marketing green products or services.  These professionals need to earn a good understanding of why these new mandates are important to help their clientele succeed.
  • Farmers and Ranchers, who may need to expand sustainable farming practices and comply with new biofuel subsidy mandates. Government training grants are available to this subset of the American population to reinforce skills required to meet conditions set forth by the federal government.
  • Energy Auditors, who conduct audits to determine energy efficiency ratings of new homes and facilities,. This new breed of professionals will play a key part in the certification process.
  • Chief Sustainability Officers, who oversee green activities at the organizational level. These Administrators must have a hard working knowledge of grants for training.
  • Wind Energy Engineers, who design and develop wind farm systems. This field is now taught in many community colleges around the nation and financed through training grants.

Grants for Training

Whether you seek to enroll is a technical college, a trade school or pursue a graduate degree in the university system, grants for training abound and are available for those who qualify. Whether you want to specialize in green technology, energy audits or public relations, training for grants are available from many sources.