Student Financial Grants

The college experience is stuff of legends and movies, but what isn’t usually mentioned is that many of these experiences are financed by student financial grants! Remember the hit movie “Animal House”? Believe it or not many of those experiences including frat house rent were financed by grants for students!

Financial Aid Grants

While college can indeed be the place of surreal experience, it’s also a very serious place of learning.  It’s an inconvenient truth that many of us who are just plain old hard working folks trying to get by in life find they cannot afford the secondary education it takes to succeed in this highly competitive economic world. There are some hedges that will help you get that college education, and the most important hedge is financial aid student financial grants.

School Grants

Everyone knows about Pell Grants. Pell financial grants for students not only help fund a higher secondary education, but also help out with room and board and ancillary expenses. What if you don’t qualify for the help of a Pell Grant? If that’s the case it’s time to restructure your financial game plan to include school grants!

  • Consult the powers that be and ask. Check with your school administrative guidance counselor for a private listing of scholarships and grants offered by your school. They can clue you in on unannounced and little publicized school grants for which you may be an excellent fit.
  • Consider changing your major. That’s right, there’s mucho student financial grants aid money available right now for professions such as nursing, medical technology and teaching. While the college coursework is indeed intense for these occupations, the rewards are great – including job stability.


  • Consider reimbursement financial grants for students. Restructuring your financial game plan to include paying for college for nursing school may be as easy as attending a short six week class to become a Certified Nursing Assistant, and then going to work for a long term care facility in that role and reaping the rewards of the company paying for your education. Yes, you have to initially pay for classes upfront out of your own pocket, but if you maintain a standard GPA, many employers will gladly reimburse you if you sign a contract to work for them after graduation!

Private Scholarships and Grants

Are you considered a minority? A minority is simply an underserved segment of the American population, and if you can fall into that category there are tons (and tons) of private and family foundations that offer private scholarships and student financial grants. These financial awards and financial aid grants are usually paid directly to the college or university with the remaining amount dispersed to help with living expenses. A prime example of this is ExxonMobil.  ExxonMobil offers private scholarships and grants and supports programs that encourage students to take an active interest in careers in the math and science fields. They support professional development of highly qualified teachers and promote involvement of women and minorities in these subjects. In 2010 alone, ExxonMobil directed nearly $110 million to education worldwide, of which more than $42 million was dedicated to math and science education in the United States.

It’s time now to make your own college experience a reality. Use your head and look around, because there are creative ways of financing that college education with student financial grants.