State Government Grants

You’ve seen businesses explode their services and offerings seemingly overnight – and chances are it’s because they were awarded funds from contracts financed by state government grants. State funding awards, really known as pass-through government grants, come in many forms and can be awarded to individuals, businesses and local municipalities to accomplish a common goal.

State Government Grants

Pass-through government grants are awarded to individual states through the many arms of the federal government. In return, the state administration uses the money to run its government and fund local municipalities. It’s a beneficial cause and effect chain that benefits everyone involved because the awarded federal money goes into the pockets of local businesses for services and products the state government has to have to do business.

There are many good examples of this state funding awards cause and effect relationship, but the one example everybody can relate to is state highway and Interstate highway roadway expansion. The state uses pass-through government grants funding to hire workers, buy asphalt and roadway supplies and equipment from local businesses. This provides money for those businesses to pay their employees and in turn, benefits other local businesses as those employees buy groceries and clothing and household necessities.

State Government Grants for Businesses

State government grants for businesses really come in the form of product and service supply and demand contracts. The Office of Justice Programs offers federal financial assistance to scholars, practitioners, experts and state and local governments and agencies. Many of these awards are mathematically calculated formula grants to state agencies – which then sub-grant those funds to individual units of state and local government which are then offered to local businesses to fulfill the supply and demand chain.

The Community Oriented Policing Services Office offers state government grants to help law enforcement agencies to hire more community policing officers, to acquire new technologies and equipment, to hire civilians for administrative tasks and to promote innovative approaches to solving crime while benefiting the community as a whole.

These and many more state funding business awards can be easily located with a couple of phone calls to your local state business office.

State Funding Awards

State funding awards come in the form of everything from contracts which benefit employees, businesses and individuals. In what’s known as “cold weather states”, there are state funding awards to individuals to help with their electricity and heating bills. Moreover, in those states there is state funding awards available to qualified individuals and families to help weatherize and reinforce homes.

State funding awards can allow a needy and deserving individual to attend college or trade school and earn an otherwise unavailable education.   Pass-through government grants can be used to provide assistance for food, child care and daycare expenses. There are sixty-one career development opportunities alone, many sponsored by individual state government grants.

Remember, it’s a beneficial cause and effect chain which profits everyone involved because the awarded federal money goes into the pockets of local businesses for services and products the state government has to have to do business. It’s worth your time and effort to take a look at available state government grants.