Personal Grants

The United States Federal Government has money set aside to help its citizens during times of economic hardship and strife in the form of personal grants allotted to its many federal programs. It’s an amazingly straightforward process of qualification, application and approval. While it’s a myth that the federal government will just hand you a wad of cash to be used indiscriminately, there are tens of federal programs financed by federal grants allocated for personal use.

Grants for Personal Assistance

There are sixty one personal grants for career development assistance. Everything from job search assistance, referral and placement assistance, reemployment services to unemployment insurance is available in this category. The National Farm worker Jobs Program provides job training, employment assistance, and other supportive services to migrant and seasonal farm workers and their dependents.

In the disability assistance category alone there are fifty associated programs that provide benefits from personal grants for home renovations needed to make homes weatherproof and provide access, such as ramps and more. The Special Education Parent Training and Information Centers Program provide funds for children with disabilities, and parents of children with disabilities in various areas.

Personal grants for childcare and child support recovery assistance are funded by pass-through grants awarded to individual states and passed on to state citizens. This includes immunization grants and funding for Head Start programs.

Personal Grants for Bills

Yes, there really are personal grants for bills. The Low-Income High Energy Assistance Program assists low-income Alabama residents with the high cost of home energy bills. The Alaska Weatherization Assistance Program is the nation’s largest residential energy efficiency program and provides funds to insulate the dwellings of low-income persons; particularly the elderly, persons with disabilities and families with children in the state of Alaska. The Vermont Seasonal Fuel Assistance Program provides any eligible person physically present in a living unit in Vermont with fuel assistance by paying their heat directly to a fuel supplier, or by giving assistance to people whose rent includes the cost of fuel to heat a home.

Personal Grants for Living Assistance

The Arizona Cash Assistance Program provides temporary cash assistance and supportive services to children, individuals and their families. The Child and Adult Care Food Program plays an important financial role in improving the quality of day care and making it affordable for qualified low-income families.

The FEMA Housing Portal is intended to help individuals and families who have been displaced by a disaster find a place to live provided by personal grants for home renovations and rebuilding. The Farm Labor Housing Loan and Grant program provides capital financing for the development of housing for domestic farm laborers. The Transitional Living Program provides homeless youth with stable, safe living accommodations for up to eighteen months. VA loan guarantees are made for the purchase of homes, condominiums and manufactured homes to veterans with an honorable discharge from the armed forces.

Yes, while it’s a myth that the federal government will just hand you a big of cash to be used indiscriminately, there are literally hundreds of individual federal programs financed by federal grants designed for personal use. If you’re in need and believe you qualify, Benefits.Gov is your gateway on the Internet for locating and applying for personal grants.