Home Buying Grants

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or you simply seek affordable rental housing to fit your budget, you should always consider looking into a home grant. Home buyers know that even in this economy, owning a home is still the best personal investment you can make. Grants for homes are still plentiful in the form of federal home grants for renters, HUD home grants for the handyman and there are even grants for home repair available from both governmental and private resources.

Types of Funding

Buying grants home for home buyers come in the form of low cost loan assistance for the first time home buyer, tax credits for existing home repair or payoff, governmental reimbursements for downtown revitalization and inner-city grants for home repair and purchase and private foundations that will literally build your home for free. Federal and state home grants are helping first time home owners and are gaining popularity in the states of Florida and Texas.


The Hillsborough County, Florida first-time homebuyer program is providing up to forty thousand dollars for down payment and closing cost assistance to qualified recipients through a federally-backed program. Five thousand dollars is available to help income eligible households who meet specific program guidelines cover part of their down payment and closing costs when purchasing a home within unincorporated Pinellas County, Florida. First-time homebuyers in unincorporated areas of the city of Palmetto, Florida can now receive up to thirty five thousand dollars down payment assistance and closing cost towards the purchase of a home.


There is a five thousand dollar first time home buyer state grants for home for qualified home buyers purchasing a home in the City of Pasadena. All Texas first time home buyers are can now receive four percent down payment assistance with a fixed 5.10% mortgage rate towards the purchase of their first home. Texas veterans can qualify for up to one percent reduction in mortgage interest rate through the Texas Veteran’s Land Board. There’s even a reduced rate for Texas service members with thirty percent or greater compensation service connected disability.

Speaking of Veterans

Military veterans with an honorable discharge can now qualify up to two thousand dollar IRS tax credit in federal grants for home every year – for the life of their home mortgage. No first time home buyer requirement to fool with! The federal HOME Program provides formula HUD home grants to states and communities working in concert with local nonprofit groups to build, buy, and rehabilitate affordable housing for rent – or for homeownership to military veterans. Eligible veterans and service members can now receive special adaptive federal grants for home repair up to fifty thousand dollars from the Veterans Administration!

Your Area

The federal government disseminates information through the use of the Internet, so your first stop online should be the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development website at HUD.Gov. There, you can search for the buying grants home and rental assistance programs by state. Whether you’re considering rehabbing an existing home, buying your first home or seeking affordable rental housing you should always consider home grants.

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