Healthcare Grants

There is an old saying that no matter how wealthy you are money can’t buy good health – so even if you have money, it might benefit you to explore health care grants and social services grants. Health care grants are funds awarded to qualifying individuals, not for profit organizations, select health care organizations and are funded by private, federal and state funds in benefit of the greater public good.

Health Care Grants

The United States federal government awards rural health care grants through the use of numerous competitive programs. Social and Behavioral Interventions to Increase Organ Donation is one program. Primary health care grants opportunities for health centers and providers is another fantastic option to explore for anyone looking for health care grants and help with subsidizing medical care in rural areas. Federal opportunities also exist for physicians and medical clinic owners to expand their services to the rural American population via the Area Health Education Center programs. These federally funded opportunities for health care and social services grants consist of interdisciplinary, community-based, primary care training programs, where academic and community-based leaders work in concert to improve the accessibility of primary care services.

While the federal government is indeed offers a wealth of resources for the health care grants seeker, don’t discount the importance of private and corporate grants for health care.

Private Grants for Health Care

Abbott Laboratories and its philanthropic foundation, the Abbott Fund, support a diverse range of projects around the globe that serve the public good. Healthcare grants offered by Airlift Research Foundation are currently helping thousands of veterans who are in need of immediate and ongoing treatment for traumatic orthopedic injuries and amputation. The mission of The California Wellness Foundation is to improve the health of the people in the state of California by making health care grants widely available for health promotion, wellness education and disease prevention.

A new concept of expanding free or very low cost medical care to people who meet income and other guidelines is a movement slowing taking shape in the United States and is partially funded by health care grants. California, Alabama and the state of Georgia recognize the importance of these health services grants.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation in the United States working in concert with its sister nonprofit in the United Kingdom was established in 1992 by the singer Sir Elton John. These two organizations function as separate entities with their own distinct grant-making portfolios, but both pursue similar missions: to support innovative HIV prevention programs, award health care and social services grants in an effort to eliminate the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV and AIDS, and health care grants to fund direct care and support services for people living with HIV/AIDS. Collectively, the two organizations have raised over two hundred and twenty million dollars since inception in support of various projects in fifty five countries around the world.

Nope. Money can buy many things, but it can’t buy health. If you’re in need of health care services and don’t have the money to pay for it, consider the opportunities afforded by federal and privately sponsored healthcare grants.