Government Grants

This great nation was founded by financial instruments afforded by government grants. In the 1700’s, federal government grants funded expeditions and explorations from East to West. Government grants provided funds for those expedition parties and subsequent land purchases which slowly grew America into the unified continent we know today. Federal government grants have been around since George Washington was President and they are still in use today providing funds to engender the greater public good.

Providing for Americans

While there are many misconceptions concerning grants from the government, there are just as many truisms. State government grants, funded by dedicated partial allotments from federal government grants, are passed down to individual cities and counties within each specific state for distribution. Ultimately, that money will make its way into the pockets and bank accounts of the citizens.

Money from the federal government and given to individual states provides roads, supplies and partial payroll money for state workers. When a state purchases asphalt and tar products for road and highway systems, the seller of those products profits. Because state offices need supplies, the local economy profits – and because state entities have to pay their workers, well, you can see how trickle down funding works in ways we many times just don’t think about, and how federal dollars end up in our bank accounts.

Government grants provide the funds used in everyday life to help residents in the U.S. make ends meet. Community and Business grants from the government are passed through food stores each and every day every time someone swipes an EBT card at the grocery store checkout. Students are earning their degree in colleges around the nation thanks to the federal government Pell grant system.

Elderly and disabled people are receiving health care and life saving hospitalization services thanks to funding in the form of Medicaid and Medicare dollars from the federal government. Now stop and think about the grocery store clerk who bagged your groceries. Stop and think about those professors who teach college classes. Think about the doctors and nurses who help save lives. Both you and everyone you touch in life becomes a recipient of the financial government grant cash machine we call the government grant system. How can you as an individual take advantage of grants from the government?

Using Government Grants

U.S. federal government grants can be used for anything which promotes a better quality of life and ensures the safety and security of Americans. Local governments are partially funded by grant money from the government to work on your behalf. Business owners can get a piece of the government grant pie by supplying materials and services via contract to state and local government agencies. FEMA helps provide fund for communities to rebuild after natural disasters.

Help also comes in the form of downtown revitalization and economic recovery funds from the government. Business owners can receive special funds to expand their business in low income and economically depressed areas. The Louisiana Territory was purchased by the United States from France in April of the year 1803, and was partially funded by grants from the government!