Grant Funding

Government funding is passed down from the agencies which make up the various arms of the federal government in the forms of government grants and contracts and personal assistance managed by individual states. Government funding awards are given to municipalities who in turn award provider and supply contracts to local businesses and provide grant funding at the grass roots level to assure the safety and quality of life.

Types of Government Funding

The federal government provides government funding award opportunities for both personal and business financial gain. The most accessible and awarded federal funding instruments are:

Government Contract Funding: Government contract funding provides jobs to hundreds of thousands of people as well as small businesses around the nation. Stop and think about what it takes for the federal government to operate on a day to day basis. Stop and think about all the products the government supplies it’s military and their families. Everything from the basics – clothing, toothpaste, food – to the basic materials needed to build weapons of war. Add to this the need for social services, off-base medical care and other health and social services. All these products and services are purchased by the federal government via government funding awards. Now, ask yourself what this could mean for your business and thus your quality of life.

Government Grant Funding: Government grant funding is financial assistance and project seed money awarded to specific governmental agencies and used for specific purposes. This form of government funding awards money is then managed by the entities held accountable for providing for the greater good of the public in this country. The SBA funds loans for business startup and expansion through government grant funding. The NIH provides government grant funding to help those who need it most fight disease and illness.  The Department of Health and Human Services not only provides for the disabled and elderly population, but helps manage government grants and contracts in several other related service areas as well.

Government Assistance Funding: Government assistance funding covers a broad area and is awarded to and managed by the various federal agencies which make up the U.S. governmental whole. The Department of Labor provides government grant funding to keep our livelihood occupations stable and safe. The Department of Housing and Urban Development helps America’s citizens by providing government assistance funding in the areas of affordable housing, geographic funding for low income area revitalization; assisting citizens in weatherproofing their homes and awarding government grants and contracts to rebuild in times of natural disaster.

Government Funding Awards

As you can see, government funding awards come in many shapes, sizes and appropriations for public use. Government grants, contracts and government assistance funding are only three types of financial instruments available to John Q. Public. The old saying that those who seek usually find is very true. Whether you are a small business person with products or services the federal government needs or you need temporary help in buying food, government grant funding is there for the asking.