Free Grants

The dictionary defines the word free as, without cost, payment or repayment – and if you look you can indeed find free grant money. Free grants are offered by the federal government to qualified organizations, businesses and individuals in the form of cash, cash assistance and other governmental modalities.

Types of Free Grant Money

Free as in without cost, payment or repayment can be found on the Internet. Free grants online can be used for:

  • Money for business expansion
  • College grants and scholarships
  • Medical equipment for the disabled
  • Government sponsored exhibitions
  • In the form of federal contracts
  • Medical and scientific research
  • Nonprofit seed money
  • Social services
  • Training for a new career
  • More

Free Grants for Women

Free grants for women come in federal grant dollars and private foundation awards. There are free college grants for women, free grants for women owned businesses to expand and grow and more! Free grants for single moms in tucked away in this category too. Free grants for single moms include help with grocery and child care expenses, money to go back to school and learn a new trade and if you are a victim of domestic violence and a single mom, you may qualify for local-based free grants for women to help you get counseling and start a new life.

Free Grants for Housing

Free grants for housing from the federal government comes in the form of government assistance to the needy, section 8 housing, low-income rural home development programs and outright cash in hand to buy, rehab and live in certain areas of the United States. If you’re over age 65 there are free grants for housing programs available for those who qualify. If you’re a minority and meet certain conditions, there may be free housing grants available for your specific need and circumstance.

Free Grants for Business

Do you currently own a business that serves the greater good of the community of can provide products and services to the federal government? If so, you may qualify for free grants for your business. Is your business located in a downtown area that needs revitalization? There may be free business grant money available for expansion, buying adjacent property and rehabbing it as well as other uses!

Free Grants F.A.Q.

Q. Are free grants really free?

A. You bet they are, but you have to research each specific offering to make sure you meet or exceed the minimum qualifications.

Q. Are there free grants available to start a new business?

A. Not usually, but in very specific circumstances, seed money can be found in the form of Angel Investors, government contracts at all levels and loans.

Q. Will the federal government help me buy a house?

A. You betcha! This form of assistance comes in the form of loans, low-income targeted area revitalization free grant money and renewal and other programs designed to help rebuild after disasters.