Foundation Grants

Just like the foundation of your home provides the needed structure and support to build upon, foundation grants do the very same thing in the promotion of the public good. There are all types of these grants: government foundation grants, private foundation grants and even grants for foundations.

Foundation Grant Availability

Grants for Foundations: a foundation is defined as an IRS recognized 501-C-3 tax exempt organization which disperses funds collected. The federal government helps supply cash flow to some national private foundations using government foundation grant awards. Other foundations award money to smaller nonprofit organizations at the local and state levels to provide a means of grass roots support.

The Aldridge Foundation: Mary Kate Aldridge was a teacher who strongly believed the only thing one can actually possess is education. She believed all that followed sprang from how that knowledge is put to use. The Aldridge Foundation supports innovative teaching methods that address common problems, and may be replicated in other venues. They offer foundation funding to colleges, schools and select programs throughout the United States.

The Nick Traina Foundation: The Nick Traina Foundation was founded by the best-selling author Danielle Steel as a legacy to her son who lost his life to manic-depression. The mission of The Nick Traina Foundation is to reach out in areas that were important to Nick Traina and his family. The key issue in Nick Traina’s life was his lifelong battle with mental illness and bipolar disease, which eventually took his life. This foundation supports the fight against mental illness by providing foundation grants to individuals, Christian foundation grants and awards to mental health providers.

The Thomas H. White Foundation: The Thomas H. White Foundation continues to reflect the concerns and interests of its founder in education and human services by offering foundation funding to other not for profit organizations in support of children, health and welfare and other humanity-based offerings. Last year alone this foundation awarded close to four millions dollars in foundation grants.

The Tiger Woods Foundation:  At the Tiger Woods Foundation, they believe in college access for underserved youth. With the support of the Earl Woods Scholarship Program, foundation grant award scholars are able to make their dreams of going to college a reality. In addition to a five thousand dollar scholarship – which is renewable for up to four years – recipient scholars receive a dedicated mentor and specialized internships which help prepare them for life after college. The Earl Woods Scholarship Program also provides an unparalleled support network that covers things often taken for granted, like money for books, a plane ticket home for the holidays and even a brand new winter coat for the cold.

Christian Foundation Grants

The Henry Luce Foundation: The Henry Luce Foundation seeks to bring important ideas to the center of American life and offers Christian foundation grants to strengthen international understanding, and foster innovation and leadership in academic, policy, religious and art communities.

The Robertson Foundation: The Robertson Foundation currently targets high impact grants in four principal areas within the United States: Education, the environment, medical research, and religion and spirituality.

When thinking about foundation grants, remember that just like the foundation of your home provides the needed structure and support to build upon, foundation funding awards do the very same thing in the promotion of the public good.