Federal Government Grants

Thanks to laws put in place decades ago, a specific percentage of federal tax revenue collected must be used in support of the greater public good and offered to qualified citizens in the form of federal government grants. Thanks to the Internet, many falsehoods and misconceptions abound when talking about government and grants and the associated federal government grant programs involved.

Types of Federal Grants

Project Grants:  Project grants are federal government grants awarded by the federal government to fund research projects for medical purposes, scientific and technical advancement and in support of the humanities. Project grants are usually awarded to research centers, colleges and specific business entities contracting with the government.

Categorical Grants: Categorical grants are only awarded in support of very narrowly defined purposes and recipients are usually required to match a portion of the federal government and grants funds awarded using specific approved private modalities.

Block Grants:  Block grants are very large grants from the federal government and are awarded from the federal government, to state or local governments for use in keeping the state financially afloat and provide government services.

Earmark Grants: Earmark grants have proven to be abused by corrupt politicians and are being phased out and are rarely awarded. A prime example of an earmark grant is the Alaskan “Bridge to Nowhere”.

Formula grants:  Formula grants from the federal government is federal government assistance awarded from one federal agency to another using a distinct mathematical statistical “formula” and generally used to sponsor other federal programs.

Top Five Federal Government Grant Programs

Determining the top federal government grant programs is a bit like picking a top sports team at the end of the year. Needs of society change and evolve and as this process occurs money is funneled from one federal grant awarding agency to another.

  • The Department of Justice awarded seven hundred and sixty three million dollars in  government contracts and grants this year alone;
  • The Department of Agriculture has awarded four hundred and ninety seven million dollars in federal government assistance in 2011;
  • The Department of Health and Human Services has awarded four hundred and eighty six million dollars in 2011 in grants from the federal government;
  • The Department of State has awarded three hundred and fifty four million dollars to qualified recipients in federal government assistance and grants in the first nine months of 2011; and,
  • The Agency for International Development awarded thirty six million dollars in federal government grants and contracts in the first nine months of the year 2011 alone.

Supporting the efforts of the greater public good is the primary purpose of the United States federal government. This is accomplished by the funding and award of millions upon millions of tax and revenue dollars in federal government grants and federal government assistance.