Faith-based Grants

Churches and faith based organizations are the place people in need and crisis turn for services and support, and many of these much needed programs are funding using faith based grants. Community church and faith based programs help provide food to the hungry, housing for the homeless and help for those suffering personal crisis. Faith based church grants help provide drug treatment programs, grant funding for churches helps ex cons get their lives back on track after they have paid their debt to society.

Basic Faith Based Grants Facts

Grants for churches and related organizations come in all shapes, sizes and amounts. Grant funding for churches can be found as close as in your own church pews or as far away as across the country. The U.S. federal government provides funding opportunities for churches and faith based organizations who offer public programs in line with agency-specific missions, such as drug abuse treatment and ex offender rehabilitation. Private and corporate foundations support like minded goals by offering grant funding for churches. For an established church, the best place to start is with your current parishioners.

Finding Grants for Churches

As with any journey one needs a roadmap. Once your objectives are defined and you have organizational readiness in place; including your 501-C-3 IRS designation, you are ready to sit in the grant funding for churches pilot seat. The first stop in your travels should be your very own community. You will be surprised how people will react to a worthy endeavor, if you simply ask.

Community faith based grants can actually be the easiest to acquire. Grants for churches are self-sponsored all the time to help refurbish aging structures and can come in the form of either money or donated materials and personal sweat equity. Approaching like minded individual business owners and small local businesses also pays off big. Many times there are experienced grant writers in your community who would be happy to help you with your marketing and faith based church grants research.

Private and Corporate Grant Funding for Churches

Both private and corporation based foundations offer faith based grants to organizations that hold ideals in line with their primary missions. The Zimmer Family Foundation is a small foundation located in Sarasota, Florida and offers grants for churches for the purpose of supporting religious, educational and social programs focusing on seeding short term pilot projects that have the potential of self-support.

The DEW Foundation seeks to work in concert with your already established fait based not for profit by offering  faith based church grants to organizations that meet basic human needs while promoting the common good within the community. The Henry Luce Foundation awards church grants to further their mission of bringing important ideas to the center of American life, strengthening international understanding and fostering innovation and leadership in academic, policy, religious and in artisan communities.

When seeking any form of faith based grant remember to start looking in your own backyard first. After garnering support from community leaders and members then jump in the pilot’s seat and start your quest to find grant funding for churches only as far as your imagination will take you!