Disability Grants

Life can be tough enough, but when bad things happen to good people a strong option for assistance should be the use of disability grants. An estimated 20 percent of the U.S. population has a disability, making this the largest minority group in the nation. People with disabilities have the highest rate of unemployment, the highest rate of poverty and the lowest level of education of any minority group in the United States.

Disability Grants Opportunities

There are many disability grants opportunities depending on your situation. There are grants for disabled adults, grants for disabled children and government grants for individuals with disabilities.

Government Grants for the Disabled: Government disability grants for disabled people can be time consuming to apply for, but easy to win if you qualify. The U.S. Federal government understands that people with disabilities seeking grants live with a completely unique set of problems. While the government doesn’t offer individual student education grants geared toward the specific needs of disabled students, there are federal grant opportunities available for minorities – and this is the category you want to pursue when thinking about going back to college.

Other disabled grants are funded by the federal government and passed down to states to disperse and manage. In addition to Medicaid and Medicare, there are many federally subsidized state managed health grants for disabled children and adults alike. Some of those programs include Florida Kid Care, Colorado Child Health Plan Plus and Arizona KidsCare. Independent living services for older blind persons helps support individuals aged fifty five and older, whose recent visual impairment makes competitive employment difficult to obtain, but for whom independent living goals are feasible. Independent Living State Grants for individuals with disabilities are also available for those who qualify.

Disability Grants for Individuals: Disability grants for individuals can be both federally sponsored and privately attainable. The National Center of Physical Activity and Disability is an online resource for research and practice information in the areas of health promotion and physical activity for persons with disabilities. Vocational Rehabilitation Services Projects for American Indians with Disabilities Program is a good resource to turn to when seeking disability grants for individuals and minorities.

Private Grant Foundations

The Holland & Knight Foundation in Florida name has long been associated with a wide variety of philanthropic activities and awards disability grants to the disabled, concentrates on health and disability related issues as well as assistance for the homeless. Inspiring, uplifting and empowering success in people struggling with poverty or disability is the purpose of the Apex Foundation. The Charles D Jacobus Family Foundation assists families of the disabled and provides disabled grants children to attain and keep proper housing, enough food to eat and provides real educational opportunities to those who qualify.

Life can indeed be tough for all of us, but when bad things happen to good people a strong option for assistance should be the use of disability grants.