Grants For Churches

Churches and religious based organizations are always in need of church grants. Feeding the hungry, teaching new skills to those who need it most, helping people reclaim their lives from drug and domestic violence are just some of the good things money for faith based grants for churches help accomplish. While it’s never easy to locate funding to keep these many needed programs alive, qualified organizations have several alternatives available to them in the form of grants for church youth groups to capital grants for churches.

Religious based organizations generally have no problem qualifying for grant money for churches, grants for church youth groups and even nonprofit grants for churches. The key to winning this prized, sought after funding is diversification. If you approach obtaining funding like you would as if running a business, it can be easier than you think.

  • Government Grants for Churches

Religious grants opportunities offered by the federal government are plentiful, even now as the economy struggles to recover. After completing the registration process online, those seeking grant money for churches should make their first stop Grants.Gov, the government Internet portal for researching and applying for available church grants. While there, check out the various funding opportunities offered by agencies such as Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the Corporation for National and Community Service, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food & Drug Administration. Opportunities are hidden throughout and if you look hard, you will be surprised at what you just may come across that fit your objectives.

  • Nonprofit Grants for Churches

The Bonner Foundation has awarded more than eighty six million dollars in annual nonprofit grants for churches and another eighty million dollars in Bonner Program Endowment awards to faith based colleges and universities.  The Foundation has also headed a number of federally-funded higher education consortium grants in addition to their other funding activities.  Many faith based grants for churches are geared to providing transitional living services, helping ex-cons reintegrate into society and meeting the needs of the poor.  The focus of The John and Susan Dewan Foundation is to provide church grants to help homeless people, provide needed education, training and experience in preparation for living wage employment.

We all know at-risk children are at a disadvantage academically, economically, socially, and spiritually. Many of these children come from destitution, poverty and abusive backgrounds. Poverty, abuse and neglect, failing school performance special needs, behaviorally challenged kids are the mission focus of many religious based nonprofit grants for churches. For Kids Only is a non-profit foundation that provides grant funding to Christian organizations that assist under-resourced children. If you take the time to look, grants for church youth groups are plentiful, even as our economy continues to recover.

Nothing in life is easy it seems, but if you are serious about finding funding for your religious based offerings to keep these many needed programs alive in your community, qualified organizations have several alternatives available to them. Consider applying for grants for church youth groups, capital grants for churches and be sure and explore federally funded opportunities for church grants.