Personal Grants

The United States Federal Government has money set aside to help its citizens during times of economic hardship and strife in the form of personal grants allotted to its many federal programs. It’s an amazingly straightforward process of qualification, application and approval. While it’s a myth that the federal government will just hand you a wad of cash to be used indiscriminately, there are tens of federal programs financed by federal grants allocated for personal use. Continue reading

Grants for Hispanic Minorities

As of the year 2010, the Hispanic community of America has increased to close to 50 million people and now accounts for approximately roughly 17% of the United States population and is eligible for Hispanic minority business grants. Having increased by an overwhelming rate of 30% between the years of 2000 and 2007, Latinos and Hispanics now represent the largest minority in America eligible for Hispanic minority grants and scholarships. This number is quite noteworthy, particularly taking into account that the growth rate for the rest of the United States during this time period was only 7.2%. Continue reading

Government Minority Grants

According to and in-line with United States federal law, applicants seeking federal funding must be given consideration when applying for minority government grants. The government defines a minority as a publicly underserved population within a country or state that differs in race, religion or national origin from the dominant group and thus minority grants are awarded accordingly. Continue reading

Minority Education Grants

No one wants to be left behind educationally. A trade school or college education is an important ingredient in earning power over a lifetime, family financial prosperity, and occupational opportunity career management and can mean literally millions of dollars earned, or lost over a lifetime.  It’s all about quality of life. Minority students are sometimes dealt the low card when it comes to earning their secondary education, but it’s a little known fact that if you happen to fall into that category, you can return to school through the use of minority education grants. Continue reading

Minority Business Grants

Inside the U.S. populace, a minority is identified as an underserved public segment of society and to help fill that need, many financial assistance vehicles exist in the form of minority business grants. There are federally and privately sponsored business grants for minorities for Native Americans, African Americans, women as well as the Hispanic population. Continue reading

Housing Grants for Low Income Earners

If you need help with safe and affordable housing, low income housing grants may be an excellent alternative for you. Grants for low income housing come in the form of cash assistance paid directly to the landlord, low income housing tax credit rebates and low income housing assistance vouchers. While many grants for low income housing are managed by the U.S. federal government, there is private foundational low income housing grants available for those who search diligently. Continue reading