Housing Grants for Low Income Earners

If you need help with safe and affordable housing, low income housing grants may be an excellent alternative for you. Grants for low income housing come in the form of cash assistance paid directly to the landlord, low income housing tax credit rebates and low income housing assistance vouchers. While many grants for low income housing are managed by the U.S. federal government, there is private foundational low income housing grants available for those who search diligently. Continue reading

Disability Grants

Life can be tough enough, but when bad things happen to good people a strong option for assistance should be the use of disability grants. An estimated 20 percent of the U.S. population has a disability, making this the largest minority group in the nation. People with disabilities have the highest rate of unemployment, the highest rate of poverty and the lowest level of education of any minority group in the United States.

Disability Grants Opportunities

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