State Government Grants

You’ve seen businesses explode their services and offerings seemingly overnight – and chances are it’s because they were awarded funds from contracts financed by state government grants. State funding awards, really known as pass-through government grants, come in many forms and can be awarded to individuals, businesses and local municipalities to accomplish a common goal. Continue reading

Government Pell Grants

William Jennings Bryan once said, “Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved”, and many times that includes help using Pell Grants for college. Making your own destiny means making the right choices in life and in education. Expanding the mind includes expanding the wallet – so here we’ll separate the myths and facts about government Pell Grants. Continue reading

Government Minority Grants

According to and in-line with United States federal law, applicants seeking federal funding must be given consideration when applying for minority government grants. The government defines a minority as a publicly underserved population within a country or state that differs in race, religion or national origin from the dominant group and thus minority grants are awarded accordingly. Continue reading

Housing Grants

It is said that home is where the heart is, and no matter your unique situation the federal government can help with government grants for housing. Government home grants range from providing low cost, safe affordable public section eight housing to down payment assistance for those whose credit might be just a bit shaky. Whether you are just looking for an affordable place to live or seeking to purchase a new home, government housing grants are something you should look into.

Ginnie Mae Housing Government Grants

Funded in part by housing government grants, Ginnie Mae is a little known and used arm of the federal government that helps make affordable housing a reality for millions of low- and moderate-income households across America by channeling global capital into the nation’s housing markets. Specifically, the Ginnie Mae guaranty allows mortgage lenders to obtain a better price for their mortgage loans in the secondary market.

HUD, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers several choices in affordable subsidized government housing grants sponsored renting alternatives funded by government home grants. HUD is especially interested in funding projects that integrate healthy homes principles and practices into existing housing rehabilitation, property maintenance, weatherization, energy efficiency improvements, and other housing improvement programs.

HUD Government Home Grants Programs

HUD helps apartment owners offer reduced rents to low-income tenants through privately owned subsidized housing via government housing grants. You can search online, or apply directly at the apartment management office. HUD also offers affordable apartments for low-income families, the elderly and persons with disabilities. For those who meet specific criterion, HUD helps you find your own place and use the issued pay voucher to pay for all or part of the rent.

The purpose of the HUD Healthy Homes Production Government Home Grant Program is to identify and correct significant housing-related health and safety hazards in privately owned, low-income rental or owner occupied housing. The Healthy Homes Production Program is part of HUD’s overall Healthy Homes Initiative launched in 1999.

This housing government housing grants program takes a comprehensive approach to addressing multiple childhood diseases and injuries in the home by focusing on housing-related hazards in a coordinated fashion, rather than addressing a single hazard at a time. The program builds upon HUD’s successful Lead Hazard Control programs to expand the Department’s efforts to address a variety of high-priority environmental health and safety hazards.

Every year, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development allocates millions of dollars to HUD homeless government housing grants to organizations that participate in local homeless assistance program planning networks. Branches of this veteran specific housing government grants program include the Supportive Housing Grants Program which offers government housing grants for construction and other uses, the Shelter Plus Care Program home grants which provide financial assistance to veterans who are renters and the Single Room Occupancy Program provides tenant-based rental assistance for moderate rehabilitation of buildings with single-room dwellings.

Government grants for housing range from providing low cost, safe affordable public section eight housing to down payment assistance for those whose credit might be just a bit shaky including veterans. Whether you are just looking for an affordable place to live or seeking to purchase a new home, government housing grants are something you should look into.

Home Buying Grants

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or you simply seek affordable rental housing to fit your budget, you should always consider looking into a home grant. Home buyers know that even in this economy, owning a home is still the best personal investment you can make. Grants for homes are still plentiful in the form of federal home grants for renters, HUD home grants for the handyman and there are even grants for home repair available from both governmental and private resources.

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Healthcare Grants

There is an old saying that no matter how wealthy you are money can’t buy good health – so even if you have money, it might benefit you to explore health care grants and social services grants. Health care grants are funds awarded to qualifying individuals, not for profit organizations, select health care organizations and are funded by private, federal and state funds in benefit of the greater public good.

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Government Grants

This great nation was founded by financial instruments afforded by government grants. In the 1700’s, federal government grants funded expeditions and explorations from East to West. Government grants provided funds for those expedition parties and subsequent land purchases which slowly grew America into the unified continent we know today. Federal government grants have been around since George Washington was President and they are still in use today providing funds to engender the greater public good. Continue reading

Grant Funding

Government funding is passed down from the agencies which make up the various arms of the federal government in the forms of government grants and contracts and personal assistance managed by individual states. Government funding awards are given to municipalities who in turn award provider and supply contracts to local businesses and provide grant funding at the grass roots level to assure the safety and quality of life. Continue reading

Free Government Grants

Grants from the federal government come in all forms of free government grant money. Land and building acquisition in active revitalization and urban areas, business expansion and serving the greater good of the community are projects that all qualify for free money from the government. Grants and other federal funding opportunities available to you include contracts, grants, direct assistance payments and other financial instruments. When seeking free government money, focusing on grants alone is a lot like picking out one single color in a rainbow collage. If you open your mind, you increase your chances of winning more than free federal grants. Continue reading

Federal Government Foundation Grants

There’s a lot misconceptions about government foundation grants. Federal government foundation grants provide seed money for all public, business and organizational funding opportunities offered by the U.S. government. Government and foundation grants help form the base funding for all governmental entities and are available to qualified applicants through the governmental awards system. A federal government foundation grant is awarded by a government agency to carry out a public purpose of support or provide economic stimulation authorized by a law. These grants are not loans and they are not federal assistance. They cannot be used to buy property, and there are no federal foundation grants that will buy your groceries or provide you with a paycheck. Continue reading