Research Grants

Funding for scientific research in the areas of science, technology and social science are often referred to as research grants. Most research grants funds originate from three major sources: Foundation research grants, corporate research grants and government research grants. While the primary missions are almost identical, the grant research required is methodically different. Continue reading

Grants for Non Profit Organizations

Grants are financial instruments used to foster and develop ideas and projects which serve the public good in one way or another, and even as our economy struggles to rebound people still support the award nonprofit grants. While there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding nonprofit funding in general, millions of dollars of nonprofit grants are awarded annually.

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How to Write a Grant Proposal

You’ve finally got it together: You have organizational readiness in place, you’ve picked out the individual grant awards that most closely match your primary mission and now you’re all set to start grant writing. Now you’re sitting at the computer screen looking at the curser blink – and blink – and blink. It’s the moment of epiphany that makes you wonder just how to grant write, and even thinking about hiring an experienced grant writer. Here’s a crash course in the basics of how to write a grant. Continue reading

Grant Research

If you are looking for financial help or assistance in the form of grant money, it all begins with grant research. Whether you are a business person seeking to increase sales and expand business offerings, a not for profit center providing free or low cost counseling services or just a citizen who need some temporary financial grant help getting by – everyone starts their search in one common place: The Internet. Continue reading

Free Grants

The dictionary defines the word free as, without cost, payment or repayment – and if you look you can indeed find free grant money. Free grants are offered by the federal government to qualified organizations, businesses and individuals in the form of cash, cash assistance and other governmental modalities. Continue reading

Applications for Grants

It’s stressful, it’s time consuming, and it’s fun all at the same time – filling out all those applications for grants. Completing grant applications is probably the single most dreaded academic task for all not for profit organization grant writers, but it has to be done. It seems as if every single corporate grant application and every single foundation grant application is different. Continue reading