Technology Grants

“Beam me up, Scotty” was the stuff of TV science fiction back in the 60’s, but now thanks to advances in science and quantum physics, this reality might be closer than you think all thanks to technology grants. Thanks to technology, we can now watch young Palestinian children grow up in real time thousands of miles away right here on Earth. We can send robots to Mars and examine the chemical composition of the planet. Thanks to grants for technology, we can save lives that were once doomed to death. Continue reading

Healthcare Grants

There is an old saying that no matter how wealthy you are money can’t buy good health – so even if you have money, it might benefit you to explore health care grants and social services grants. Health care grants are funds awarded to qualifying individuals, not for profit organizations, select health care organizations and are funded by private, federal and state funds in benefit of the greater public good.

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Foundation Grants

Just like the foundation of your home provides the needed structure and support to build upon, foundation grants do the very same thing in the promotion of the public good. There are all types of these grants: government foundation grants, private foundation grants and even grants for foundations. Continue reading

Federal Government Foundation Grants

There’s a lot misconceptions about government foundation grants. Federal government foundation grants provide seed money for all public, business and organizational funding opportunities offered by the U.S. government. Government and foundation grants help form the base funding for all governmental entities and are available to qualified applicants through the governmental awards system. A federal government foundation grant is awarded by a government agency to carry out a public purpose of support or provide economic stimulation authorized by a law. These grants are not loans and they are not federal assistance. They cannot be used to buy property, and there are no federal foundation grants that will buy your groceries or provide you with a paycheck. Continue reading