Technology Grants

“Beam me up, Scotty” was the stuff of TV science fiction back in the 60’s, but now thanks to advances in science and quantum physics, this reality might be closer than you think all thanks to technology grants. Thanks to technology, we can now watch young Palestinian children grow up in real time thousands of miles away right here on Earth. We can send robots to Mars and examine the chemical composition of the planet. Thanks to grants for technology, we can save lives that were once doomed to death. Continue reading

Small Business Grants

Small business is the backbone of the American economy and if you’re thinking about starting or expanding a small business, you might want to really look into government grants for small business. Just imagine if grants for small business were available back in the days when Bill Gates was working in his garage on the very first computer! Better yet, imagine yourself in his position 30 years ago.

SBA Grants to Start a Small Business

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Grants for Hispanic Minorities

As of the year 2010, the Hispanic community of America has increased to close to 50 million people and now accounts for approximately roughly 17% of the United States population and is eligible for Hispanic minority business grants. Having increased by an overwhelming rate of 30% between the years of 2000 and 2007, Latinos and Hispanics now represent the largest minority in America eligible for Hispanic minority grants and scholarships. This number is quite noteworthy, particularly taking into account that the growth rate for the rest of the United States during this time period was only 7.2%. Continue reading

Minority Business Grants

Inside the U.S. populace, a minority is identified as an underserved public segment of society and to help fill that need, many financial assistance vehicles exist in the form of minority business grants. There are federally and privately sponsored business grants for minorities for Native Americans, African Americans, women as well as the Hispanic population. Continue reading

Commercial Grants

You’ve heard of the Federal Recovery and Reinvestment Act initiate, but not a lot of people know that a great portion of that funding comes in the form of commercial grants. Government commercial grants come in two forms: funds awarded directly by the U.S. government and tax credits. Commercial property grants which are accessible to everyone can be used for buying and selling everything from farmland to office buildings. Commercial business grants can be either private foundation awards or government awarded commercial business grants. Continue reading

Grants to Start a Business

Starting a successful business involves planning, making sound key financial decisions and the implementation a string of related activities, one which should include exploring business startup grants. When you have determined that your business concept is viable, you then have some important decisions to make: How will I structure my new business? What are my plans to continue to evolve and grow financially? While it’s a myth there are available grants to start a business, if you plan ahead and keep an open mind, business startup funding can help you add products and services which evolve supplying a service benefiting the greater need of the people.

Business Startup Grants and Contracts

  • Selling to the Federal Government

The world’s leading buyer of goods, services and materials is the United States federal government, by means of purchases totaling more than four hundred and twenty five billion dollars annually. These activities are a viable alternative to new start up grants for business. The federal government encourages small and large businesses alike to bid on contracts for a lot of these needs. Federal agencies are required by law to establish contracting objectives, with at least twenty percent of all government buying targeted to small business owners. Selling to the federal government can provide significant business startup funding and the process is not nearly as complicated as you may have been led to believe.

  • Selling to the State and Local Government

The most overlooked form of grants to start a business to help your business evolve is in your back yard: Literally. Your state and local government purchases millions of dollars of services every year and this can be a very viable alternative to business startup grants. Are you willing to be flexible in your offerings? Can you offer a service or a product to your community which fills a need, no matter how small? Is your local community in the midst of a downtown revitalization effort? Answer these questions and you may very well find the start up grants for business funding you need to grow and evolve your business.

  • Private and Corporate Business startup Grants for Women

Recently, several recipients got an unexpected phone call from a board of director from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. In that short conversation, the recipient was officially awarded the sum of five hundred thousand dollars – “no strings attached” which could be used as grants to start a business.

Diversified Startup Grants

Artists are entrepreneurs and while some may be starving, they don’t have to starve for business startup grants for women. In 2012, a dozen literary authors and another dozen artists will receive twenty five thousand dollars in new business startup grants awards funded by The Kresge Foundation. If you’re an author or artist; starving or not, you’re not applying for this grant to start a business – because?

Whether you’re an artist or a candle-stick maker, starting a successful business involves planning, making sound key financial decisions and the implementation a string of related activities. One which should include exploring the full use of grants to start a business.

Government Business Grants

Sole proprietors, minority business owners and entrepreneurs of every kind should be aware of the very real opportunities which exist to expand and grow your business using business government grants. Small business government grants for women, new business government grants, business government green grants, business funding grants, contracts and other choices are but a few of the opportunities available to the business owner created by the federal Recovery Act. If you want your business to succeed and grow apply for government business grants and let the federal government help you.

Federal business grants are offered in just about all areas of the business sector. Open-minded business men and women can use business grants. This type of funding is available to expand their services and product lines, bid and win contracts at the state and local level and locate new business government grant opportunities monthly!

Types of Federal Business Grants

Small Business Government Grants for Women and Minorities: The Minority Business Development Agency, part of the federal Department of Commerce, is the single federal agency encouraging the growth of minority-owned business regardless of small business status. Other government entities maintain programs aimed at members of specific targeted gender, racial or ethnic groups. The federal small business administration has entity branches at the state level called Women’s Business Centers within each state. This should be your first stop when seeking minority government grants for business.

New Business Government Grants: Don’t let anyone yank your chain and tell you that the federal government is going to just hand you tons of hard cash on a silver platter so you can experience your lifelong dream of starting a new auto detailing business. Candidly, it just doesn’t work that way. Conversely, the Small Business Administration will help you in other ways after you start that business. New government business grants fund contracts, and the federal government buys its products and pays for services using this method.  Federal business grants also fund state work and employment. Keep this in mind because the savvy entrepreneur needs to expand and offer new services according to demand.

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Federal Business Grants

You spent weeks writing the perfect business plan, but in it, did you include making full use of business federal grants? Federal business grants should be a choice option always included for growth and success inside all business plans no matter how simple or extensive. Whether you have a minority owned business, a Native American owned business or are one of the smallest entrepreneurs in town, federal grants for business owners can propel your business offerings and products exponentially and leave you smiling all the way to the bank.

Business Federal Grants

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Business Expansion Grants

It doesn’t matter whether your business is considered small or large, the primary objective of being in business in the first place is to expand and grow – and there is no better way to achieve this outcome than by making full use of business expansion grants. Continue reading