Business Expansion Grants

It doesn’t matter whether your business is considered small or large, the primary objective of being in business in the first place is to expand and grow – and there is no better way to achieve this outcome than by making full use of business expansion grants.

Grants for Business Expansion

Grants to expand business come in many different forms. Grants for small business expansion are many times awarded through federal contracts, which are really government business expansion grants in disguise. Sometimes called entrepreneur expansion grants, select corporate and private foundations can also be instrumental in the successful growth of your business. Sole proprietors, small business owners and all entrepreneurs should consider adding all forms of grants for business expansion in their plan to succeed – grow and evolve.

Inside of all business plans should be the plan to make use of all available federal government contracts. Government contracts are really a form of private expansion grants because you as a business owner provide services to consumers in the U.S. government, including members of congress as well as military personnel and their families. Government grants for business expansion can catapult a small local business into an international business literally overnight.

Government Contract Grants

Government contract money to expand your business comes in several distinct categories:

  • Materials supply
  • Services supply
  • Ancillary services and product supply
  • Food and sanitation services
  • Building and expansion
  • Research and scientific

Government contracts are funded through several different types of grants for business expansion. While you have to meet certain minimal criterion in order to do business with the government, it’s all well worth the effort it takes.

Private business expansion grants, while not as plentiful as federally sponsored contracts and awards, should also be considered as a secondary application source for growing your business. This form of private business expansion funding can more easily be obtained, at least in smaller awards. If the entrepreneur with savoir-faire knuckles down and does the needed research, the sky can be the limit.

Ask yourself: Am I a member of a minority? Do I offer a service or product that fosters appreciation for the greater good in some way? Does my company offer services or products employees of the U.S. federal government and their families use and need? Can my company think outside the box and become flexible enough to evolve and diversify if required in order to grow? If you can affirm these important questions, grants for business expansion may easily be in your future. As you can see, there is no reason not to try for government or private grants for business expansion.