Women Education Grants

It’s no secret that women posses drive, ambition and the desire to succeed and many do just that with the help of women education grants. More than ever, women hold responsible, accountable positions as leaders in society and that’s thanks in part to the financial help provided by education grants for women. Continue reading

Tuition Grants

A college degree at the Associates level is the new High School Diploma in our modern time, and this can achieved through the use of tuition school grants. Tuition grants in almost every educational major are awarded daily to deserving and underserved students around the nation. Grants for school are available to identified minorities and come in many forms of financial assistance. Tuition funding for school retrains workers to update their skills and helps provide a stable life-long earning power to those motivated enough to ask about them.

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Training For Grants

Very few things come naturally to people and when new learning modalities are paramount to success, many people turn to training grants. Grants for training workers in new skills and government training grants in health care, technology and the sciences are becoming more popular as our workforce modernizes and essential skills become critical.

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Technology Grants

“Beam me up, Scotty” was the stuff of TV science fiction back in the 60’s, but now thanks to advances in science and quantum physics, this reality might be closer than you think all thanks to technology grants. Thanks to technology, we can now watch young Palestinian children grow up in real time thousands of miles away right here on Earth. We can send robots to Mars and examine the chemical composition of the planet. Thanks to grants for technology, we can save lives that were once doomed to death. Continue reading

Student Financial Grants

The college experience is stuff of legends and movies, but what isn’t usually mentioned is that many of these experiences are financed by student financial grants! Remember the hit movie “Animal House”? Believe it or not many of those experiences including frat house rent were financed by grants for students!

Financial Aid Grants

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State Government Grants

You’ve seen businesses explode their services and offerings seemingly overnight – and chances are it’s because they were awarded funds from contracts financed by state government grants. State funding awards, really known as pass-through government grants, come in many forms and can be awarded to individuals, businesses and local municipalities to accomplish a common goal. Continue reading

Small Business Grants

Small business is the backbone of the American economy and if you’re thinking about starting or expanding a small business, you might want to really look into government grants for small business. Just imagine if grants for small business were available back in the days when Bill Gates was working in his garage on the very first computer! Better yet, imagine yourself in his position 30 years ago.

SBA Grants to Start a Small Business

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Research Grants

Funding for scientific research in the areas of science, technology and social science are often referred to as research grants. Most research grants funds originate from three major sources: Foundation research grants, corporate research grants and government research grants. While the primary missions are almost identical, the grant research required is methodically different. Continue reading

Real Estate Grants

It’s no secret that our homes and land are our biggest investments, and many people have earned that sweat equity with the help of real estate grants. Grants for real estate and commercial real estate grants allow qualified and deserving individuals and business-persons to not only accumulate self-financial worth, but many times leave a legacy for family members to inherit and enjoy long after we’re gone. While they may sound like they would be similar, real estate grants vary like ice cream toppings. Continue reading